“Sprinkle with flour”

the Cookbook by Raffaella Bucefalo the Chef of the Cooking school Let’s Cook in Umbria

22 Traditional Recipes and Pasta Shapes


Embark on a captivating exploration of the realm of fresh pasta—a culinary emblem synonymous with Italian culture. Delve into its rich tapestry woven with history, mythology, geography, and the fundamental components that define this culinary cornerstone.

This cookbookunveils the intricacies of crafting flawlessly elastic dough, shedding light on the requisite tools for shaping it, and introducing a diverse array of pasta types that can be fashioned from it. Traverse the realm of versatile egg dough, giving rise to elegant forms like tagliolini, tagliatelle, and delectably filled pasta, while also discovering the more “artistic” shapes crafted from extruded semolina and water dough, including orecchiette, trofie, and busiate.

Each pasta shape narrates its origin and hails from a specific Italian region, accompanied by suggestions for sauces that harmonize seamlessly with its unique structure and texture. This literary feast is complemented by vivid illustrations and straightforward recipes, offering insights into the ideal methods for cooking, dressing, storing, and presenting pasta at the table.

Beyond a mere culinary guide, this book becomes a nostalgic journey, as each pasta shape evokes special occasions and traditions. The act of recreating them serves as a portal to resurface vivid images and cherished memories. Immerse yourself in the narrative, which unfolds with descriptions of 19 pasta shapes, illustrated through handcrafted drawings, and accompanied by 22 traditional recipes—each brought to life by exquisite photographs.