Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our guests an unforgettable holiday. We want to offer you an authentic culinary experience during which you will learn the secrets of traditional Italian cuisine.
You will taste delicious recipes prepared with ingredients produced on our farm.
During your holiday you will have enough time to rest and enjoy the beauty of our region.
We guarantee that our Tours offer a truly authentic and ‘Italian’ atmosphere and experience that a traveler could never have achieved alone or with a traditional tour company.

mission cooking classes

About me: Raffaella the owner and the chef

I am Raffaella, the owner of farmhouse “la volpe e l’uva”, the chef of the Cooking school “Let’s Cook in Umbria” and the organizer of the Italy Culinary Tours.

Let’s Cook in Umbria was born thanks to my love for the region of Umbria, its products and traditions.

My approach to cooking can be wrapped up in three words – simple, seasonal, and local. Our recipes come from the Italian tradition, especially form central Italy (Umbria and Tuscany).

In my class I shares my traditional recipes with you—as well as my vegetarian specialties! I guides you through the preparation of simple but delicious Italian recipes and reveals some of my culinary secrets!
In 2020 I published my first Cookbook: “Sprinkle with Flour”.
Simplicity, fantasy and attention are the mainly ingredients in my classes, and they are the base of the pleasure of cooking together.

If you want to know more about my Culinary program you can red the book “From an Umbrian Farmhouse to Como’s quiet shores” by E.J.Bauer. She wrote this book after an holiday in let’s Cook in Umbria.
We can plan together your personal holiday! I personally answer to your email!

Hoping to see you soon here in Umbria.
I send you all my best.

Raffaella chef let's Cook in Umbria
organic vegetables

Organic Local Ingredients

We pride ourselves in having organic vegetable garden and use vegetables and fruit in season from our own gardens. WE use our extravirgin olive oil and we offer you our organic wine during your lunches. We also purchase produce from authentic local producers and farmers.